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For Technical Assistance Providers

Smarter School Spending has been designed for school districts to use successfully ontheir own. However, some districts have found that a technical assistance partner (TAP) offers valuable support and helps create capacity in the district to do this work going forward.

Role of a Technical Assistance Provider

Technical assistance providers can serve many roles in Smarter School Spending. TAPs can provide support during the entire process. Or they can assist with specific tasks such as an assessment of school scheduling, optimizing instructional strategies, or communicating with stakeholders. A TAPs support can be invaluable in helping a district accomplish the goals of Smarter School Spending.

Build Demand

As a technical assistance provider, you see daily the challenges that districts face in resource allocation and implementing priorities. The challenges are both technical and political. Developing the ability to be smarter with spending, integrate instructional and financial processes, and build the stakeholder support for change are skills that will help every district. TAPs can help districts develop a desire to acquire these skills by introducing them to Smarter School Spending.

Start Using Smarter School Spending

  1. Learn the Framework
  2. Share the resources with your district partners
  3. Discuss Smarter School Spending with other TAPs
  4. Integrate Smarter School Spending into your work

TAP Resource List

Technical Assistance Providers who have contributed to the Smarter School Spending community and have used Smarter School Spending with districts, can be added to the TAP directory. Districts can utilize this list to find a TAP.

Common TAP Questions

What if a district is not interested in a full Smarter School Spending process?

Districts can start Smarter School Spending from various places, including starting with a challenge of limited scope. For example, they may be focused on closing a budget gap or solving specific, persistent student achievement problem. Whatever their entry point, districts can use these tools and resources to get smarter about whether they are using resources in the most effective ways . Smarter School Spending helps districts answer three key questions: How will you improve student outcomes, pay for them, and build community support? Every district, no matter its capacity to do the complete process right away or just parts of it, is grappling with those questions.
What if districts cannot afford an outside partner to support Smarter School Spending?

At the core of Smarter School Spending is the belief that districts will be able to free up time and money by looking closely at how they allocate resources. Districts that have had the extra support from a technical assistance provider have identified millions of dollars in resources to shift, making the cost of that support more than worth it.