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Plan and prepare
Plan and Prepare | Analyze Student Learning

The planning and budgeting process begins with mobilizing key stakeholders, gathering information on academic performance and cost structure, and establishing principles and policies to guide the budget process.


  • Foster collaboration between the academic and finance staff in the budget process
  • Set expectations for the budget process and analyze the district's current state
  • Effectively communicate the process and corresponding decisions to stakeholders

Analyze Current Levels of Student Learning

The current state of academic performance must be assessed to determine what course of action to take.


  • Level 1: Develop multi-year comparisons against standards of proficiency for major student populations for all core subjects and begin to foster a climate and culture of trust for effective use of data.
  • Level 2: Use measures of academic growth in the most essential areas of student achievement and analyze the district's progress on the most critical essential supports for student achievement.
  • Level 3: Look more comprehensively at the essential supports for student achievement - such as school climate, etc.

Your Quick Wins

  • Quick Win: What is the district trying to answer (i.e. sub-par achievement of key student population)? And agreement on this question.
  • Why important? ┬áDefine a problem before seeking solution - sets target for what district is trying to answer.