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Set instructional priorities
Set Instructional Priorities | Identify Root Cause

The budget needs to be rooted in the priorities of the district. Intentionally created instructional priorities provide a strong basis for developing a district’s budget and strategic financial plan, as well as presenting a budget document.


  • Develop goals that address district's major needs
  • Analyze the underlying issue of any deficiencies being addressed
  • Develop priorities to accomplish goals
  • Select a limited number of priorities to pursue to maintain focus and promote success

Identify Root Cause of Gap between Goal and Current State

By finding root causes of problems, a district can identify the most effective solutions to achieving its goals.


  • Level 1: Discuss and make initial effort to reach beyond surface level causes of challenges.
  • Level 2: Use formal tools, like "5-whys" (see Best Practice), to structure investigation of root causes.
  • Level 3: Conduct data analysis and site visits for more accurate root cause analysis.

Your Quick Wins

  • Quick Win: Identify a long-standing, bothersome issue to potentially identify a root cause that has not been previously addressed.
  • Why important?  District can better direct its efforts and resources on right underlying issue.