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Ensure stability
Ensure Stability | Implement and Evaluate

The planning and budgeting process should be one that can be replicated in the future in order to ensure the district remains focused and plans accordingly for reaching its student achievement goals.


  • Monitoring progress
  • Planning for continuous improvement

Put Strategies into Practice and Evaluate Results

To ensure timliness and accountability, the district should establish a system to implement the plan and monitor its progress while making necessary adjustments to stay on track.


  • Level 1: Assign responsibility for progress monitoring and accountabilities for key activities. Take structured approach to reviewing progress made and adjust approach as required.
  • Level 2: Identify progress "milestones" to help make sure your district is on track with its plans. Also include shorter-cycle reviews (e.g., quarterly) and have systems in place to make tactical adjustments as needed.
  • Level 3: In addition to major milestones, identify and track "quick wins" that will help boost morale.

Your Quick Wins

  • Quick Wins: Identify the basis for evaluation.
  • Why important? Linkage back to goal achievement.