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Organization Information

Chris Librizzi


Parthenon-EY is a strategy consultancy, committed to bringing unconventional yet pragmatic thinking together with our clients’ smarts to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s complex business landscape.

Core Competencies

  • Allocate Resources to Individual School Sites
  • Analyze Current Levels of Student Learning
  • Apply Cost Analysis to the Budget
  • Develop a Budget Presentation
  • Develop a Plan of Action
  • Develop a Strategic Financial Plan
  • Develop Goals
  • Establish a Partnership between Finance and Academic Staff
  • Evaluate & Prioritize Expenditures to Enact the Instructional Priorities (AROI)
  • Evaluate Choices between Instructional Priorities
  • Financial Policies
  • Identify Communications Strategy
  • Identify Root Causes
  • Put Strategies into Practice & Evaluate Results
  • Research and Develop Instructional Priorities