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Implement plan
Implement Plan | Strategic Financial Plan

The “strategic financial plan” is the long-term road map for implementing the district’s instructional priorities. A “plan of action” describes how the strategic financial plan will be translated into coherent actionable steps.


  • Develop a strategic financial plan informed by the district's priorities
  • Create an implementation plan with clear accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Develop a budget document that outlines the district's 'story'

Develop a Strategic Financial Plan

A strategic financial plan provides a three to five year perspective on how the district will pursue its instructional priorities and how success will be determined.


  • Level 1: The board adopts a formal strategic financial plan or similar document describing the instructional priorities and how they will be funded over a multi-year period.
  • Level 2: Identify sources of evidence that will show whether progress is being made on the priorities. Analyze the long-term financial sustainability of the district's decisions.
  • Level 3: Analyze whether the district can afford to expand its educational strategies to the extent needed to reach student achievement goals. Set triggers for reviewing and updating the plan.

Your Quick Wins

  • Quick Win: Discuss potential impacts to either revenue or expense with diverse group senior leaders.
  • Why important?  Improve quality of financial forecasts.